Breast Lift

Breast LiftIf your breasts have started to droop or sag, breast lift surgery can enhance your appearance. The breast lift, otherwise known as a mastopexy, involves repositioning the breasts and cutting away excess skin tissue to create a shapelier silhouette. Dr. Foley is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast enhancement procedures. He may recommend a breast lift as part of your treatment plan.


Reasons to Undergo a Breast Lift

Many women notice their breasts have started to sag or become droopy after weight loss or pregnancy. Others notice that their breasts have lost their shape as they get older and may find that exercise is not enough to fight the effects of aging. It is important to note that breast lift surgery does not change the size of the breasts. If you want larger and fuller breasts, Dr. Foley may recommend breast implants with a breast lift for a more youthful and lifted look.


You may benefit from breast lift surgery if you have:

  • Lost skin elasticity around the breasts
  • Lost a lot of weight recently and have misshapen breasts as a result
  • Undergone multiple pregnancies and are left with drooping breasts
  • A genetic predisposition to having sagging breasts


How a Breast Lift is Performed

The breast lift is typically performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Dr. Foley will use one of several techniques to make an incision around the areola to access the tissues. The underlying breast tissue can be lifted and reshaped to create a firmer and more contoured look. The nipple and areola can be repositioned to create a more natural look and excess skin tissue can be cut away. Remaining skin is tightened to reshape the area and incisions are closed. You will notice results immediately and full results once the swelling has subsided.

The breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation surgery to enhance results.

Learn more about breast lift surgery in Camp Hill by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Foley today.

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