Breast Revision

Breast RevisionIf you are no longer happy with the results of your breast augmentation procedure, talk to Dr. Foley about the option of undergoing breast revision surgery. Dr. Foley is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast enhancement procedures. You have several options for achieving your ideal figure and Dr. Foley will customize a treatment plan that best suits your needs.


Reasons to Undergo Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

If you are having problems with your breast implants or no longer like how they look, you do have the option of having them removed or replaced. You may want to undergo breast revision surgery for the following reasons:

  • Dissatisfied with current size and shape of implants
  • Implants have migrated or are asymmetrical
  • Ruptured or deflated implants
  • No longer want implants
  • Appearance has changed after weight loss or weight gain
  • Excessive scar tissue development around the implants


How Breast Revision Surgery is Performed

The exact procedure and technique used to perform breast revision surgery will vary depending on the reason for replacement or removal. In most cases, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Foley may use the original incisions to perform the procedure or make very small incisions in inconspicuous places to perform the procedure. The incision and technique will depend on whether you are having implants removed, replacing your implants, or having tissue repositioned.

Dr. Foley will explain his technique and process before your procedure so you know exactly what to expect. The recovery time after breast revision surgery can range between two to six weeks, depending on the type of surgery performed and the patient’s ability to heal.

You can regain a youthful breast shape and achieve the look you want with the right breast enhancement procedure.

Learn more about breast revision surgery by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Foley today.

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