shutterstock_114211450We can restore facial harmony and correct any structural defects of the nose with rhinoplasty, otherwise known as nose reshaping surgery. Dr. Foley is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing rhinoplasty surgery and revision rhinoplasty procedures. If you have a misshapen nose, are self-conscious about your appearance, or have any type of deformity after an accident, surgery may be the best way to achieve your ideal look. The ultimate goal of nose reshaping surgery is to correct facial imbalances and make the nose more proportionate to the rest of the face.


Reasons to Undergo a Rhinoplasty Procedure

  • Change the size or shape of the nostrils
  • Modify the nose with
  • Smooth out humps or depressions
  • Reduce the size of the nasal tip
  • Reshape a drooping, upturned, or hooked nose
  • Restore nasal symmetry
  • Restore proper breathing and improve airflow


About the Rhinoplasty Procedure

The rhinoplasty procedure is typically performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Incisions may be hidden inside the nose or made across the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils, depending on the patient and goals of the procedure. This allows for easy access to the bones and cartilage. In some cases, a grafting procedure may be necessary to reshape and rebuild certain areas. Once the nose has been sculpted and reshaped, the skin is redraped and incisions are closed. Patients will need to wear a splint for a few days after surgery to promote the healing process.

You may need to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure to correct a deviated septum. If you have an obstructed airway and are having difficulty breathing properly as a result, Dr. Foley can adjust the shape of the nose to improve alignment.


About the Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

If you had bad results from rhinoplasty surgery with another doctor or have problems from a past procedure, you can turn to Dr. Foley to perform a revision rhinoplasty procedure to take care of any issues you are experiencing. A secondary rhinoplasty may be necessary to reshape the nose and correct any deformities.

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