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Breast reconstruction. The goal is to restore one or both breast to near normal shape, appearance, symmetry and size following mastectomy, lumpectomy or for congenital deformities. Breast reconstruction usually involves multiple procedures performed in stages. There are 2 broad categories of reconstruction options, implants or flap reconstruction (using your own body tissue). While these seem like 2 separate categories, they can be combined in many cases to help patients achieve their reconstructive goals. When the breast reconstruction process starts at the time of mastectomy it is referred to as immediate breast reconstruction. When breast reconstruction starts any time after the mastectomy it is referred to as delayed breast reconstruction. The type of mastectomy, the type of treatment for cancer (chemotherapy and radiation) can have a large effect on the outcome of the breast reconstruction. This Harrisburg area patient is a 37-year old female C cup (underwent a previous breast reduction) who developed a right breast cancer and underwent bilateral skin sparing mastectomies. She had chemotherapy and right side radiation. She had delayed breast reconstruction with tissue expanders placed under the pectoralis muscle. After 8 months, her tissue expanders were exchanged for 400cc High Profile Mentor Silicone implants and fat grafting (now a B cup bra size). Photos are 3 months after implants were placed. Fat grafting to help reduce the chances of wound healing problems.


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