Catherine Nicole Foley - PhD Office Manager

Meet Nicole

Nicole is the office manager at Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Central Pennsylvania. She helps to determine the direction of the practice by helping to choose new non-invasive medical equipment and helping to coordinate combined care for patients such as reconstructive breast surgical care for breast cancer patients. By fostering a relationship between the Pinnacle Health Breast Care Center and Dr. Foley, our practice has been able to help numerous patients recover from breast cancer. By helping to choose the most efficacious and most comfortable non-invasive new technologies to utilize for patients, our practice is able to serve the aesthetic goals of our patients (even non-surgically). In addition to helping to direct the practice, Nicole oversees the office staff as well as the billing for the practice. Nicole has worked in many surgical practices. She is now excited to assist in patient care by overseeing patient satisfaction, recruiting staff and new resources, assuring staff benefits are optimized, organizing financials, and helping to lead the practice.

Nicole has a background in mathematics and science. She graduated magna cum laude in Mathematics with a concentration in Pre-Med from Boston College. She then taught high school at St. Vincent's Academy in Savannah, GA where she helped to develop the first Calculus program for girls at the school. After teaching, Nicole completed her PhD in Geochemistry from University of Chicago where she studied the chemistry of rocks and soils on the Martian surface through the use of the APXS (Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer) on the Pathfinder mission to Mars. She then did her post-doctoral work at the Field Museum in Chicago and at the Carnegie Institute in Washington DC. After taking some time off to raise her children, she has now returned to the workforce in the medical field. She helped to start Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of Central Pennsylvania and continues to help it grow. In her free time, Nicole enjoys spending time with family and helping at CATRA, a local therapeutic riding center for handicap children.

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