UltraShape Power & VelaShape III

Fat Destruction and Cellulite Reduction without Surgery

  • No down-time/no recovery time or loss of work time
  • No incisions
  • No pain
  • Lower cost than surgical procedure

Before Cellulite Treatments Patient 1

After VelaShape III Treatments, Patient 1

Before Cellulite Treatments, Patient 2

After VelaShape Cellulite Reduction Treatments, Patient 2

Before & After UltraShape Power Fat Destruction, More Below

UltraShape Power permanently destroys fat cells.

It is FDA cleared for fat destruction on the abdomen and flanks. Anywhere on your body where you can pinch about an inch of fat, UltraShape Power can destroy it! Some commonly asked questions regarding UltraShape Power are answered below…

  • How does it work? UltraShape Power uses focused pulsed ultrasound to kill fat cells.
  • Can patients eliminate fat with no down time and no pain? Yes! Patients have been reported to reduce their abdominal fat by 32% with just 3 sessions (1 treatment package) which take ~30 minutes – 1 hour in the office. There is no downtime and there is no pain! Some patients may report feeling a warm relaxing sensation during treatment.
  • How soon can patients see results? Visible results are seen in ~10 days – 2 weeks after the first treatment.
  • Where does the fat go? The destroyed fat is taken up and eliminated naturally out of your body.
  • How does this compare with coolsculpting and other non-invasive fat destruction? UltaShape Power destroys more fat and does it without any patient pain! Read patient reviews on RealSelf to get the real skinny on the comparison and see for yourself. We are proud to offer UltraShape Power which is superior (in terms of higher patient satisfaction on Realself, higher patient comfort during treatment, and higher amounts of measurable fat reduction) to any other non-invasive fat destruction procedure.

The video from the manufacturer of UltraShape Power, Syneron-Candela, is shown below.

This video below from Good Morning Arizona will help you visualize what UltraShape Power can do for you.

VelaShape III reduces cellulite, tightens skin, and contours the body

Do you have unwanted cellulite on your thighs? Vela III can reduce the visible appearance of cellulite to make your legs look smooth and young again. At the same time it will tighten loose skin. The recommended treatment package for cellulite reduction is 3 half hour treatments 2 weeks apart. Results are visible ~10 days of treatments. It is recommended that patients receive follow-up quarterly single 30 minutes sessions to maintain the cellulite reduction.

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Body Contouring
  • No downtime

A video from the manufacturer of VelaShape III, Syneron-Candela, is shown below. It will help you visualize what VelaShape III can do for you.

The Ultimate Package…the Rolls Royce of Non-Surgical Stomach Contouring…The Combination Package of UltraShape Power & VelaShape III 

You can choose to combine these instruments in a treatment package of 3 sessions to destroy belly fat & tighten loose skin. This is a fabulous mommy-make over package that you will love! Do you seek to return to your pre-baby belly with no down time and no pain! We got it & you too can get it! This is the answer. Call today to schedule your complimentary consult.

UltraShape Power Consult Information from Syneron Candela…

Below is a series of slides recommended by the manufacturer of UltraShape Power. They can help you determine what a treatment session is like, preview the instrument, see if it would be good for you, and visualize the results!

Stunning Before & After Photos for UltraShape Power:


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