Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction process - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Central Pennsylvania


Hi, I'm Dr. Foley. We're about to show you a video on a patient who underwent the breast reconstruction process. She had tissue expanders placed, and then ultimately exchanged for implants.

When patients have breast cancer, there are multiple ways they can undergo breast reconstruction. This particular patient we're gonna show you the video on, she had bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer. She had her nipples removed, and she had a tissue expander placed underneath her muscle. She was expanded over the course of several months, and then the tissue expander was exchanged for a permanent breast implant as part of the breast reconstruction process.

So I hope you enjoy the video, this was made possible by the patient and her husband. They took pictures every day, and we've composed that into a collage, into a video. Hopefully you enjoy the video.