Mommy Makeover ( Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck)

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Patients commonly ask about mommy makeover. It generally refers to procedures that are  combined to correct the body changes encountered after giving birth to children.  This is usually a breast and abdomen procedure which are combined in the same procedure or in close proximity.  The procedures could be a Friday breast procedure and a Monday abdomen procedure (to reduce the risks of a long single procedure).  The reason for wanting both procedures close together is really about having one recovery for both procedures. The breast is usually performed first as, for most women, the pain is less and almost resolved by the time the abdomen procedure is started. These procedures are done after the patient has decided she is done having children.  Most families (husband, mother, mother-in-law) will need to help with the kids for the first week after the abdominoplasty. Generally, returning to work, is about 2-3 weeks.   

The breast procedure could be a breast lift, breast augmentation-lift, breast reduction (which is a lift as part of the procedure), or breast augmentation. The abdomen could be an abdominoplasty or liposuction. Sometimes labiaplasty is also a considered procedure with these procedures. 

This patient underwent a medial pedicle breast lift (on a Friday) and an abdominoplasty (on Monday) for one recovery. This is 3 months before and after.

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