Circumferential Body Lift Helps To Relieve Posterior Leg Pain after Weight Loss

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Patient success story - Circumferential Body Lift helping to achieve aesthetic result and relieve pain

After massive weight loss, some patients can develop compression of nerves which can cause  pain.  This patient is a ~ 30 years old and previously weighed 300 lbs. She underwent a gastric sleeve weight loss procedure and lost 130 lbs. This resulted in excess skin around her waist and thighs.  She developed daily posterior thigh pain which she described as a pinching sensation. This happened from the hanging thigh skin compressing the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve, which exits from the lower edge of the buttock area and travels to the posterior knee. She underwent a lower circumferential body lift procedure to lift the skin and alleviate the pain. Within a week after surgery the pain was gone and did not return in the 6 months after the procedure.


Circumferential Body Lift Fron

Front view of patient who underwent circumferential body lift.

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