What is Daxxify? How Does Daxxify compare to Botox?

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What is Daxxify? 

Daxxify is a new injectable wrinkle treatment that is FDA-approved. This new injection treatment softens the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines, frown lines, or “elevens” between the eyebrows. Similar to Botox, Daxxify works by temporarily blocking the release of the neurotransmitter that causes muscle movement. This process smooths wrinkles you have and prevents new expression lines from developing.

We are all familiar with Botox and how it can improve wrinkles by stopping or reducing the movement of facial muscles. Generally, patients will return every 3 months to get reinjected with Botox to prevent motion of the muscles and thus prevent the return of wrinkles. 

Daxxify is also a neurotoxin that stops movement of muscles, like Botox. The difference is Daxxify can last much longer (like a time-release version of Botox), thus reducing the need to return to the office for reinjections. On average it can reduce the need to return for reinjections to every 6 months. It has been reported to last even up to 9 months! There are other differences that can be discussed during a consult.  

Botox has dominated the cosmetic injection market for years and solidified its position as the first FDA approved treatment that temporarily makes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look more appealing in adults. But what if there was a faster and longer lasting treatment? For some adults, Daxxify may be a better treatment than Botox.

What’s the Difference between Daxxify and Botox?

The main difference between Daxxify and Botox is that Daxxify works faster and longer than Botox. Generally, people report seeing a decrease in movement within two days of their Daxxify injections. Botox usually takes around a week to see a decrease in any movement. Daxxify normally wears off after 6-9 months, whereas Botox appears to dissipate around 3 months. 

In general, Daxxify will reduce the number of appointments needed. It allows for longer periods of time in between injections, therefore causing less visits to our office. The downside to Daxxify is the upfront cost. Daxxify is more expensive than Botox per treatment. Although the cost is higher per treatment for Daxxify, the yearly cost is approximately the same or even less expensive than Botox depending on the patient and the area treated. Do you want more immediate and long lasting wrinkle reduction? If so, try Daxxify!

What’s Best for Me?

It’s all about you! Every patient is different. Depending on your treatment plan you may prefer one over the other based off your desired result. You also may be the type of patient who only gets botox once a year. Those types of patients may prefer to stay with what they know is less expensive and already lasting for over 6 months for them. Daxxify may be more appropriate for those who feel that they require botox multiple times per year to attain the desired results. Once you have an established relationship with a doctor and you are happy with your injection pattern, then it may be time to switch over to the longer lasting Daxxify. 

Will we continue to offer Botox and Daxxify?

Yes! It’s the patient’s choice! We will continue to offer both Botox and Daxxify. Each patient will be able to choose which product they prefer.

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