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About Breast Augmentation Lift

Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Theodore T. Foley, performs breast augmentation with a lift to correct droopy or asymmetrical breasts, while also increasing the size and profile of the breasts. Many women experience changes to their breasts because of pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss, or aging. That’s why hundreds of women visit Dr. Foley at Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Central Pennsylvania in Camp Hill, PA, every year for to get a full rejuvenation with a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. Some women may also decide to receive liposuction or a tummy tuck during this time. Prior to surgery, Dr. Foley will consult with you to discuss all your cosmetic goals and concerns to produce the best results possible. The outcome will leave you with younger, fuller, and perkier looking breasts that you will love.

Best Candidates

Ideal candidates are in overall good health and have completed childbearing, as pregnancy and breast feeding could compromise the results of this procedure. However, this surgery is ideal for women who have deflated, disproportionate, or sagging breasts. During your initial consultation, a customized treatment plan will be developed to coincide with your size, shape, and desired outcome. During this time, the surgeon will also discuss the differences between saline and silicone implants and which ones will benefit you the most.

What To Expect

Following your consultation, Dr. Foley will provide you with an individualized treatment plan that addresses all your cosmetic goals. Depending on your desired outcome, Dr. Foley will either use saline or silicone implants for your breast augmentation. Both options come in various shapes and sizes, but the materials differ. Saline implants are filled with a salt water solution, whereas silicone implants are filled with a thick synthetic gel. Both options produce amazing results.

At the beginning of your breast augmentation surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The surgeon will discuss the differences between the two options during your consultation. Once you are properly prepped for surgery, the incision is made to insert the implant and the process is repeated to the opposite side. Incisions are typically made in inconspicuous areas like the armpit or below the folds of the breast. Your breast lift procedure will also be performed during this time to tighten and remove any excess tissue. This tightening technique repositions the breast to a higher position on the chest wall to produce a youthful perky appearance. Surgery may last 1 – 2 hours.

Other Considerations

Since this procedure combines a breast augmentation and breast lift, recovery time commonly takes 8 – 10 weeks. Optimal results are visible within 6 – 12 months. Results are long-lasting and produce fuller, perkier looking breasts. However, women who have had implants for 8 – 10 years may decide to receive breast reconstruction surgery to correct old or malfunctioning implants. Although breast augmentation with a lift produces stunning results, women should maintain a healthy weight, as weight fluctuation can alter results.

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Enhance your figure

You no longer need to be embarrassed or feel self-conscious about your bust size and low-hanging breasts. We can help make your desired figure a reality with a combination breast agugmentation and breast lift for a total rejuvenation. Call or visit our office to schedule your consultation today and we will partner with you to produce your best figure yet.

Cost Breast Augmentation Lift

The cost of a Breast Augmentation with Lift ranges on average from $11,000. If you are comparing prices between different plastic surgery practices, make sure you are comparing the fees which include all aspects of your upcoming surgery. These prices include the physician, anesthesia, and facility fees assuming that your surgery is being completed in a surgery center. If your surgery needs to be performed at the hospital, the fees will be ~$1500-$2000 more depending on the procedure, the surgical time, and whether or not you choose to stay overnight at the hospital. Also, your best choice for a cosmetic procedure of any kind is to choose a plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Theodore Foley, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who is local to you. Not only will you receive the best surgical care that way, but you will also receive the best postoperative care. At Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Central PA, we encourage patients to call for a complimentary personal consultation with our plastic surgeon so a customized quote can be prepared for you by our staff. For more information on payment options at our practice, check out our Payment Information page by clicking here.

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Prices are subject to change and are our current estimate of the price which is inclusive of physician, facility, anesthesia at a surgical center. Some procedures, which do not require anesthesia, may be done at our office and would not then entail an anesthesia fee. If patients need to have their surgery at a hospital, prices are typically more expensive and will be outlined after consultation.

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